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How old are your computers ?

Lately I have been asked “Can you use ConfigMgr to see how old our computers are”.

And the answer is: YES with some modifications/limitations, and it only works if you haven’t deleted the computer object in the Active Directory every time you re-install your computers.

Step one:
Add the Active Directory attribute “whenCreated” to the Active Directory System Discovery.Add Attribute

Use the Custom button.
Add Attribute Custom

Step two:
Run a discovery and you will get a new attribute on the device object.Client01

Now you can use this attribute in collections or reports to get a good picture on how many computers that might need to be replaced during the following years.

In the sample query below I select computers that are 2 -3 years old.Query 2-3

And the query in a text box :)


And here is a sample picture how I use this information in a custom report.
Report year

This is just a way to get a hint on the age of your computers. It’s not as accurate as looking in to invoices and so on.


Have a nice day

Where is a collection included in ?

It’s time for my first public blog post. What should it be about ??
It will be about collections in ConfigMgr 2012.
I got a question from a customer: How can I find out which other collections this collection is used in ?
It’s very easy to see if there is collections included by looking in the Referenced Collections. Open every collection to see the name is time consuming. A script is needed :)


After some research I find this blog.

But I wanted to have it a little bit different. PowerShell is not my strongest skill, but I have a college (Simon Wåhlin) who is VERY skilled. He gladly helped me and the result is the following:

Here is a video recording from running the script:

Have a nice day